Buyers Guide
a hot tub can be a great stress reliever
Showroom view of our Austin Texas location
Quick Fact
Arthritis is generally described as an inflammation of joints causing pain.  Hot tubs are often prescribed specifically to help relieve the pain of arthritis.

Benefits of an Appointment

We invite you to shop with us anytime during our regular hours, however we love appointments. 

Schedule an Appointment

We can ensure you are not waiting for one of our Sales Associates.
Buying the best hot tub for you is often a bit more involved than our customers first think.  We can ensure we are available to answer all of your questions and provide advice. 
If you are coming from a distance (and we have many clients 200 - 300 miles away) or just short on time, we can ensure we are waiting to assist you in the time you have.
We prevent potential problems & concerns in the future by asking about the unique nature of your home.
We take the time to understand why you want to enhance your life with a hot tub.

See What Our Clients Say

We discuss how and why Bullfrog, Marquis, & Clearwater Spas make their spas so differently from all the rest and why you receive better value for your money.
We will discuss warranties.  This is important for you and we find often lacking when others discuss hot tubs.

We have many clients who remark how much they appreciate our low-key & complete explanations concerning everything about buying, owning and operating their new spa.

An appointment with a knowledgeable associate is the best way to ensure your spa gives you everything you desire.

We find that most appointments are an hour or more.  We promise your time will be well-spent.  The majority of those who visit us make a decision to purchase a spa from us, either in their appointment or within a few weeks.  They become long-time clients having bought the highest quality spa available in their budget, content in the knowledge of its construction & warranty, with local support for delivery & maintenance in the future.


With hot tubs from 4 different US manufacturers, & over 70 Hot Tubs in our 2 Showrooms from $4,495 to $17,995, Premiere Hot Tubs is the Only Place to Go for the Best in Spas & Hot Tubs. From San Antonio to Waco and San Angelo to College Station, we are your Hot Tub Destination!