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Bullfrog Warranty

Companies often make all kinds of claims in their marketing.  What they believe is in their warranty.

See what Bullfrog Spas believes!

Bullfrog Spas Warranty

Why Bullfrog Spas?


Quite simply, Bullfrog Spas are Functional Works Of Art.  No other spa company builds a hot tub like Bullfrog Spas - not even close!  With no wood, all their equipment on one side, AND their patented JetPak® technology, no one else can build a hot tub like Bullfrog Spas!

By the way, their elegant Flush-Mounted Jets are also unique.  Without JetPaks®, other hot tub companies cannot use flush-mounted jets!

What makes Bullfrog Spas unique?

JetPaks, of course

  • The greatest variety of massage among all spas
  • More power because there is less plumbing (and friction) per jet
  • The only spa you can customize before and after your purchase
  • The only spa that allows you to adjust all jets in a seat from one valve
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Leak-Proof Design


  • Up to 90% fewer holes through the spa shell
  • Bullfrog has nearly eliminated plumbing under the spa shell
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Bullfrog Spa

Conventional Spa

The spa above is a plumbed Bullfrog Spa

Spa-ghetti?  the spa above is how a traditional spa is plumbed.

Bullet-Proof Construction

The Most Efficient Hot Tub Available

Compare Bullfrog Spas to HotSpring®, Caldera®, SUNDANCE®, & JACUZZI®

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  • We usually have every Bullfrog spa model on display in our showrooms including all A & R Series models.


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