Delivering Your Spa
Quicker Fact

Though a number of organizations claim to rate spas, all of them also accept advertising and none of them conduct 3rd party independent testing.  The only company we know of that does conduct independent testing of products is Consumer Reports.  They have never reviewed hot tubs / spas.

Showroom view of our Austin Texas location

Delivering Your New Spa

If this is your first hot tub purchase, you might be wondering how we deliver your new Bullfrog, Marquis, or Clearwater Spa.  Most weigh in the range of 450 - 1,200 lbs. and, of course, are rather large objects.  However with the right equipment, experience, & knowledge of your spa's construction, they are not difficult to deliver.  We have provided photos & some commentary to help you prepare and relax, knowing we will professionally install your hot tub.

We use Spa Dolly™ equipment, exclusively made for spa deliveries, from BCI Manufacturing in Hugoton, KS.

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By the way, Bill is in one of them.  :-)

Standard Deliveries

Using our Toyota, side-shifting lift with extended forks, we will load your hot tub on our Spa Dolly™ trailer for the trip to your home.

Most spa deliveries are made in 1 of 3 ways. Approx. 60% are through your gate. We will put your spa on it's side on our Spa Kart™ and roll it into your backyard, where we will lay it back down on heavy duty "furniture" dollies for final positioning.

Another 25% of deliveries involve more open yards and/or double gates where we can either drive or hand roll our Spa Dolly™ trailer. In these situations we will often slide your spa off the tongue of the trailer, again on to furniture dollies for final positioning.

Elevated Decks

In some 10% of our deliveries, usually involving elevated decks, we have to get "more creative."  In most cases, using ramps, a winch and/or block & tackle, we can install these without the use of a crane (hence saving you money).


Finally, a few deliveries do require the use of a crane. These usually involve very high decks or roof installations. You might laugh, but we have installed hot tubs on the roofs of partially buried concrete homes, and as high as 5th floor Condo roofs. Though there is the additional cost of a crane, we work with Alamo Crane and this is not as expensive as many think; generally it is in the range of $300 - $500.

This crane delivery in Leander cost $421.

Your Spa Arriving in Austin

And if you want to see how your spa arrives in Austin, just prior to our delivery to your home, here you go. By the way, notice the quality of the packaging on your Bullfrog Spa. That pride in their product is evident in every aspect of your Bullfrog Spa!