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"I sat with Bill and he figured out the ideal model and then worked thru every detail to make it perfect - complex shape, difficult to store the cover, really tricky delivery location. You name it, he had a solution."

Frank M.
Feb. 2, 2014
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Showroom view of our Austin Texas location

The Truth Behind the Hot Tub & Swim Spa Blowout

Before we discuss what these people say, please consider these facts:

  • You cannot try out their hot tubs (Wet Test) at their Road Show!  We strongly recommend a Wet Test before investing $,$$$ in a hot tub to ensure you are receiving the best hot tub for your money. We have 6 wet demo hot tubs ready for you to test in Austin and 8 in our San Antonio showroom. 
  • In Texas all medically prescribed devices are exempt from Sales Tax.  It's not likely you will hear about this because they have to sell this weekend, before you can receive a prescription.  If you are eligible, you may pay $500 - $800 in Sales Tax unnecessarily if you buy at a Hot Tub Road Show.
  • These Sales People know they will never see you again.  They also know they don't get paid if they don't sell hot tubs this weekend!  Some of these "Salespeople" make as much as 10% Commissions.  If you buy a $9,000 hot tub, they just made nearly $1,000!  These salespeople are highly incentivized to say whatever they need to in order to sell a hot tub to you now! 

 So you know:

  • $7,000 -$10,000 is a common actual hot tub sale price in these shows - Hardly a bargain! And swim spas?  Just south of $20,000 to over $40,000.  Again, hardly a bargain.  We have many better built hot tubs at similar or lower prices. 
  • The typical commission in our 2 showrooms is $250 - $350, perhaps a 1/3 of what you might have paid a Salesperson at these shows - and I can guarantee you that our salespeople spent much, much more time helping you select the best hot tub or swim spa for you.


So How Do These Hot Tub Road Shows Actually Operate?
It's really quite simple - Deception

These Road Shows Advertise With Statements Like:



You Will Hear

The Truth

You will see many Major Spa Brands - Often as many as "6 Major Brands".

You will find only 1 manufacturer:  Master Spas

Should you ask about this, you will be told they have several lines (brands), and they do, but they are all still made by the same company. You will NOT see Jacuzzi, Bullfrog, Marquis, Hot Spring, Clearwater, Caldera, or Sundance Spas, or any other manufacturer's hot tubs or swim spas.

They use deception to get you to come to their show.

We carry 4 actual manufacturers, Bullfrog Spas, Marquis Spas, Clearwater Spas, and Nordic Hot Tubs

You are receiving a HUGE DISCOUNT by buying at their show.

The only HUGE DISCOUNT you may receive is against their highly inflated MSRP's (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices). 

They use deception to make you think you are getting a
Great Bargain.

When we advertise we discount our actual showroom prices, not an inflated MSRP!

They have 50 or more models at the show.

They may have 50 hot tubs, but they usually have no more than 6 actual models.  The same models show up in all of their "brands".  They just put more or less jets in the same model and call it another brand.

You'll also notice that usually all the spas are the same color - White.  They want to sell those spas, not have you thinking about your options, including color options. 

They use deception to make you think you have lots of choices when you actually have very few choices at their show.

We have 25 different models from 4 different US manufacturers in our Austin showroom and 40 in our San Antonio showroom!

They have local warranty support.

They do not.  It's that simple.  They contract out their warranty work.

More Deception

All of our Delivery and Service work is completed with our own staff!

That you have to buy this weekend.

No you don't.  They show up on a regular basis and I rather doubt they would turn down your order if you called them after they left town.

And More Deception

We're open 6 days a week, closed only on Mondays.  Come by anytime convenient for you!

These Road Shows actually have extraordinarily high expenses.  They will often pay $50,000 or more in advertising for a single weekend!  They advertise everywhere - Radio, Cable TV, and on-line.  They also have to pay for the venue (another $10,000 - $20,000), along with freight to get their hot tubs to these events (perhaps another $10,000).  So how do they make this work?  There is only 1 way.  Lower Quality Product, Poor Service, and High-Pressure Sales Tactics!

They are selling mediocre hot tubs & swim spas at very high prices,
but with high-pressure sales tactics they get away with it.

If you go to one of these events, we'd suggest a little calculation.  They will be sure to put Sold signs on spas they sell.  Take the roughly $80,000 in costs we noted above and divide it by the # of spas sold.  You will quickly realize that less than 1/2 of the money you might spend on a hot tub at these events actually goes into making their spas!  Should you purchase a quality hot tub from a top manufacturer at a local dealer you would find that around 2/3rds of your money goes to making your hot tub.

We Suggest A Visit With Us!
You will find better built hot tubs and swim spas at better prices
And a Low-Key, Educational Purchasing Experience!


With hot tubs from 4 different US manufacturers, & over 70 Hot Tubs in our 2 Showrooms from $4,495 to $17,995, Premiere Hot Tubs is the Only Place to Go for the Best in Spas & Hot Tubs. From San Antonio to Waco and San Angelo to College Station, we are your Hot Tub Destination!