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Hot Tub Shopping Guides

As you shop for hot tubs & spas, everyone is going to tell you that they have the best.  It’s only natural, but can they back it up?  We've spent 1,000’s of hours researching all brands of hot tubs, not just the ones we represent.  In fact we represent Bullfrog Spas and Clearwater Spas because we have done the research on everyone.

How hot tubs are built.  What is the best construction & why?
Hot Tub Shopping Guide

How do hot tub company warranties really compare?
Hot Tub Warranty Comparisons 

Is your hot tub or swim spa made in the USA?
American Made?

Are You Buying or Are They Selling?

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You will also find lots of useful information on our FAQ page.  In particular, this question will help guide you.
Where can I find honest information on Spa Brands?




With hot tubs from 4 different US manufacturers, & over 70 Hot Tubs in our 2 Showrooms from $4,495 to $17,995, Premiere Hot Tubs is the Only Place to Go for the Best in Spas & Hot Tubs. From San Antonio to Waco and San Angelo to College Station, we are your Hot Tub Destination!