Buyers Guide
Showroom view of our Austin Texas location


Why Nordic Hot Tubs?

Quite simply the best tubs at a modest price.  If you want a basic, quality built, US-Made hot tub, Nordic is unsurpassed.  How do we know?  In the $4,500 - $7,000 price range, ONLY Nordic provides a 3-Year Non-Prorated Equipment & Plumbing warranty.  Everyone else is less.  Nordic backs up their product in their warranty - and they have been doing it since 1995.

Nordic's "STAR" Product Strategy

  1. Simple - For quiet, private, and relaxing hot tub time
  2. Therapeutic - With their whirlpool action and massaging jets
  3. Affordable - No glitzy bells & whistles.  Nordic's focus is on their hot tubs
  4. Reliable - Built with the industry's highest quality parts, sold only through their dealers, and backed by their Industry-Leading Warranty.


With hot tubs from 4 different US manufacturers, & over 70 Hot Tubs in our 2 Showrooms from $4,495 to $17,995, Premiere Hot Tubs is the Only Place to Go for the Best in Spas & Hot Tubs. From San Antonio to Waco and San Angelo to College Station, we are your Hot Tub Destination!