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ATV Swim Spas

The Ultimate Swim Spa Experience

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Power Plus Performance with ATV Swim Spas!

Aquatic Training Vessels, a division of Marquis Corp., has been engineered with ATV-swimmer-1effective flow dynamics and innovative features, and to take traditional swim spa technology to the next level. Bowed sidelines with a unique range of pumps and jets deliver a water flow you can customize for optimized aquatic workouts.

And, while it may be a swim spa, below the surface it is a complete fitness vessel! But, ATV Swim Spas are not only for the professional athlete. Emerging athletes or anyone interested in aquatic fitness or rehabilitation will enjoy great benefits from any model ATV offers.

Whatever your fitness level, the ATV’s power and versatility is there to maximize your training performance, give you a competitive edge and benefit your overall health and wellness.

Why ATV?

Reason 1: ELEGANT AND PRACTICAL - designed to improve the user experience through therapeutic benefits, ergonomic details, ease of use, aesthetics, noise suppression, durability and reliability.

Reason 2: WORLD-CLASS PERFORMANCE - every ATV Swim Spa is built to give you world-class hydrodynamics, with meticulous attention to detail and a variety of choices to meet a broad range of needs and budgets.

Reason 3: MADE IN THE USA - in Independence, Oregon, with each employee having a personal stake in manufacturing hot tubs that feel better, run better, look better, and last longer.

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