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By: Bill Meyer on August 17th, 2017

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Bill's Corner - Energy Efficiency – Bullfrog Spas Tops the List!

We are often asked in our showrooms about the operating expenses for a hot tub. Some people have heard that a hot tub could cost a $100 or more per month to operate. 

This may well be true with poorly built, inexpensive hot tubs and in-ground spas (those that are most often connected with a pool). However, all of the top brands of hot tubs are really quite efficient. But the MOST EFFICIENT Brand is Bullfrog Spas. 

Below is a chart comparing the efficiency of the Four Highest-Volume hot tubs brands to Bullfrog Spas.  

energy efficiency

The reason Bullfrog is the MOST Efficient? It’s all about their patented JetPak technology. With their JetPaks, Bullfrog “A” Series spas have approximately 90% less plumbing. Simply put, Bullfrog Spas push water through a whole lot less plumbing, hence they have much less friction getting water to your jets! The Result? Stronger Jets and NO DIVERTER VALVES. You can use all of your jets all of the time. What other brands “forget” to tell you with their high jet counts is that you cannot use all of their jets all of the time. With Bullfrog Spas, and only Bullfrog Spas, you can. If you have family or friends over, that will be mighty important.