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By: Bill Meyer on September 28th, 2017

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Bill's Corner - PHT Partners with Austin Disaster Relief Network

Starting with Hurricane Harvey, we have seen 3 major Hurricanes strike our country in the past month.  As the full measure of destruction along our Texas coast became evident we wanted to find a way to help.  I contacted both Jerry Pasley, President of Bullfrog Spas, and the Austin Disaster Relief Fund to arrange for a donation with every spa we sold in the middle of September.  Frankly, Hurricane Harvey, along with the gas scare, severely impacted our own business in both Austin and San Antonio.  Never-the-less, 9 of our customers bought their hot tubs with us.  With Bullfrog and their support, we were able to contribute $3,750.00 in their names.  I wish to thank all 9 of you who supported us and our Texas neighbors along the coast with your purchases.  Special Thanks to:

  • Charles & Paula Stansell
  • Mike Dencklau
  • Brady Miller
  • David & Sheila Endres
  • Chrystal & Marc Warnke
  • Holly & Jim Bohart
  • Barbara & Arthur Altman
  • Bruce & Linda Gispanski
  • Rick & Kathryn Stahlman