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How do salt systems work? 

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 Approximately 40 years ago the technology to produce BluFusionSaltSystemchlorine from sodium chloride (table salt) for pool sanitation was developed. Today, close to 80% of new pools are "Salt System" pools. There's a good chance you either own one or know someone who does.

Nearly 20 years ago Blu Water Technology adapted this process for the hot tub industry and introduced their signature product, the Blu Fusion Bromine Generator.  Similar to Salt System pools, Blu Fusion converts Sodium Bromine to Bromine for sanitation in your hot tub.  Bromine is preferred in hot tubs for 2 primary reasons.

Bromine is a superior sanitizer, significantly better than chlorine.

Chlorine also dissipates out of the water at temperatures above 97 degrees, a temperature lower than most people set their hot tubs.


We have found that people buy our Blu Fusion Salt Systems for many reasons. Some include:

No Chemicals

  • Bromine is still the sanitizing agent, but since it is produced from the sodium bromide salt, no other chemicals are introduced to your spa.
  • It is also a very pure form of bromine; hence the level of bromine needed is considerably lower than in other spas.
  • If you have certain skin conditions you may find that your doctor will prescribe a Salt System spa. You may then find your spa purchase is exempt from Sales Tax.  

Softer Water & Softer Skin

  • Though the concentration is low, much lower than say sea water, adding Tru Blu! sodium bromide salt to your spa water gives it a softer feel. You will also find that your skin feels softer after you've used your spa.
  • By the way, the salt concentration is so low that you cannot actually taste salt in your spa water!

Less Maintenance

  • Spas generally require a water change every 3 - 4 months. This is because of the build-up of chemicals that you have introduced. Since you are introducing no chemicals to your spa with our Blu Fusion Salt System, you will change your water once a year!
  • You will put the sodium bromide salt (also called Tru Blu!) in your spa once for the year. It is continuously recycled to produce bromine.
  • Eliminate regular shocking
  • Reduced foaming and scum lines

Saving Water

  • Since you change your water only once a year, depending on the size of your spa, you will save 1,000 - 2,000 gallons of water annually.


  • Less water used. No Chemicals. Of Course!
How Does our Blu Fusion Salt System Work?

It is actually rather simple. The "salt" you are most familiar with is sodium chloride (table salt) . As we noted above, the salt in a spa or hot tub is sodium bromide. Using six graphite electrodes and a very small electrical current (less than 9 volts) the Sodium Bromide salt is converted to pure bromine. This process is technically called electrolysis.

In a typical spa, you must maintain a bromine level of 3 - 5 ppm. However, the level of bromine required in our Salt System Hot Tubs is only 2 - 3 ppm.


This is quite simple. Once you've filled your spa, you'll want to check the levels of Bromine, Alkalinity, pH, and Calcium as with all spas. We also recommend the use of an activated Charcoal filter when filling your spa to help remove any impurities.

Simply add the salt to achieve a concentration of 1300 - 1800 ppm.  This will require approx. 3 - 7 lbs. of salt.  The salt will quickly dissolve in your spa water.

The level of bromine in your water is controlled by Up & Down buttons with settings from 1 to 12.

There is even a "Boost" button to add a temporary increase in Bromine should you plan a party or other more extended use of your spa.

You add salt only once every year!

Download Complete Start-Up Instructions Here!

Tru Blu!

Tru Blu! is Blu Water Technology's brand name for sodium bromide. It is very pure at 99% sodium bromide. Though you do not need to use the Tru Blu! brand, it is very important that you use pure sodium bromide. We carry Tru Blu! in stock at all times and often ship it to our more distant clients.

Important to know

Salt water systems (both in pools and spas) are negatively affected by the presence of phosphates. One potential source of phosphates is urine. For this reason, we do not recommend our Blu Fusion Salt System for families with small children.

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