When Purchasing A Spa...

Your Frequently Asked Questions on Buying a Spa.

Why Should I Buy A Hot Tub?

There are many benefits to a spa from Premiere Hot Tubs.  Some of our clients buy a hot tub for just one, but most find their spa is very relaxing, helps them enjoy restful sleep, is a comfortable place to reconnect with their spouse and/or kids, is great for relieving stress, and offers wonderful therapy for sore & aching muscles. 

Hot tubs are beneficial for those suffering from a # of chronic conditions including arthritis and diabetes, and may be prescribed for treatment.  We also have a # of clients whose doctors have prescribed our Salt System spas for treatment of various skin conditions, including psoriasis. 

What Is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is essentially the use of water for pain relief and treatment of illnesses.  Hot Tubs or Spas are particularly well suited for hydrotherapy due to both the hot water and massage from jets.  It's important to note that though all hot tubs will deliver hot water, jet design and placement in order to promote maximum pain relief and wellness is also very important.  There are plenty of cheap spas that market inflated pump HP ratings and high jet counts but are poorly designed to provide the benefits you desire for massage.  All the brands we carry at Premiere Hot Tubs (Bullfrog Spas, Marquis Spas, Dynasty Spas, Nordic Hot Tubs, ATV and Aquex Swim Spas) are well suited to provide great massage.  In fact, due to their unique & patented Jet Paks®Bullfrog Spas offers a greater variety of massage options than any other hot tub manufacturer! 

What Is A Portable Hot Tub?

A portable hot tub is a self-contained hot tub with massage jets.  Unlike some old hot tubs, there is no plumbing connection. You can fill your portable hot tub with a garden hose and by using sanitizers, generally replace your water every 3 - 4 months.  The only connection to your hot tub will be electrical power. 

What Is The Difference Between A "Spa" and a "Hot Tub"?

These days there really is no difference, and in fact, since an Internet Search for "spas" will generally return "Day Spas", the industry is increasingly going back to the term "hot tub". 

Are Hot Tub Sales Are Tax-Free?

Many of our clients at Premiere Hot Tubs do purchase their hot tubs tax-free.  However this is not automatic.  Texas State Sales Tax Law does allow for the sales tax exempt purchase of "medically prescribed" appliances.  Further, the law specifically references hot tubs and spas.  We discuss this opportunity further on our Sales Tax Exemption page. 

Where Can I Find Honest Information on Spa Brands?

We invite you to spend some time on our website. The primary purpose in developing our site was to help our clients purchase the best hot tubs within their budgets.

We also suggest visiting this popular site for spa owners to write about their experiences with their spas.


The website below is helpful at weeding out some of the larger, less reputable spa brands.  It's not quite as good at weeding out the smaller, disreputable brands, however.


How Should I Select My Specific Spa Model?

This comes down to 6 things:

  1. Decide what your budget is.
  2. Understand where you want to put the spa and how much space you have .  Make sure to have measured this space before you begin shopping.  It will definintely save you time.
  3. Understand how you intend to use your hot tub. This helps you understand what size you'll need and which massage & therapy is best for you.
  4. You may or may not already know if you want a lounge, but at some point you'll need to decide.  There are even models with dual loungers if you really like this idea.
  5. Sit in the hot tub to ensure you fit well and are comfortable. 
  6. WET TEST several hot tubs before deciding.

This is another advantage of Premiere Hot Tubs of Austin, where we have the largest showroom in Central Texas.  We simply have more hot tubs for you to consider. 

Buying Spas On The Internet - What You Should Know!

Although is may seem that buying from an Internet supplier is a good idea, there are some things to know:

  • None of the top brands sell their hot tubs on the internet.
    • However, 2 do manufacture lower quality hot tubs for the Internet and sell under other brand names
  • Short Warranties
    • No Internet Company provides an Equipment / Plumbing warranty longer than 2 years.
      • Top brands offer a 5-Year Warranty on Equipment & Plumbing.
    • Most make their warranties also a bit hard to find.  This might be why.
  • Curb-Side Delivery
    • They deliver to your driveway, not your backyard, unless you want to pay extra.
    • And the Internet Company is NOT the carrier making the delivery!  It's a 3rd party trying to make money on what little the Internet Company is paying them.
  • No Local Dealer Support
    • You call an 800 #
  • If you are dissatisfied your only recourse is to return the hot tub, if they let you.
    • And you pay for this.  The Internet Company is not picking it up for you.

Road Shows & Home Shows - What You Should Know!

At Premiere Hot Tubs, we have a very dim view of both Road Shows & Home Shows.  Here's why:

  • High Pressure Sales
    • You have to buy TODAY to receive their discounts - And there is ALWAYS a Discount!
  • Fake Discounts
    • Discounts are usually based on MSRP to make it appear that you are receiving some huge discount.
    • Frankly, they can't have true huge discounts.  They spend a ton on advertising and the event location.  The math just does not add up for any real discounts at all!
  • Deceptive Advertising
    • Road Shows usually advertise as some sort of Spa Expo or Hot Tub & Swim Spa Blow-Out and suggest that they have many brands at the show. They will not.  They will have one brand - theirs!
    • It used to be that Home Shows at least did have many dealers attending.  You could shop multiple brands by simply walking a few feet.  However, in recent years both the Austin and San Antonio Home Shows use "Official Partnership Agreements"  (this is their term) preventing many dealers from attending.  Effectively they now limit competition to just their chosen dealers & brands.
  • Mercenary Salespeople
    • That fellow that tells you he is a "Factory Rep" is - for that weekend.  Next weekend he/she will be a factory rep for another brand in another city.
    • And that sales person knows this.  Once they sell you a hot tub, they will never see you again -  a lot of less than truthful things get said to sell that hot tub.  This is quite unlike a reputable dealer that wants to build a long-term relationship with you.
  • More About Road Shows

Should I Wet Test A Spa?

Absolutely, Yes!  Whether you are spending $5,000 or $15,000, it's a lot of money.  You wouldn't buy a car without a test drive.  We strongly recommend a wet test!  Bring your swim clothes, give us a call, and come on down!

We have 6 models to test in our Austin showroom and 9 in our San Antonio showroom.  In fact we have more models filled with warm water and ready for you to test than all our competitors combined!  We want you to buy the best for you and a wet test is the best way to do this!. 

By the way, you can't wet test hot tubs at Home Shows and Road Shows.  It's another reason to not buy at these events. 

How Much Should I Spend on a Hot Tub?

That depends on a # of factors.  We carry hot tubs from $4,495 to $17,995.  There is basically a hot tub for everyone and whether its one of these or somewhere in between we are happy to help you purchase what is best for you. 

There is 1 point we would stress.  There are plenty of cheap hot tubs out there.  However, good quality is always less expensive in the long run.  Buying the best in your price range, though perhaps a bit more expensive at first, WILL RESULT IN A LOWER COST OVER TIME and you being much happier in future years.

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