The V77L

Your Family’s Gathering Place


Benefits Of The V77L Model


Room For 5!

Standard seating plus 4 specialized massage seats with lounger for up to 5 people!


Multiple Massages

27 jets for Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep-tissue and Relaxation hydro-massage therapy.


V-O-L-T™ System

V-O-L-T™ System for optimized water delivery + deeper muscle penetration with less skin irritation.


Easy Water Care

SmartClean™ and ConstantClean+™ water sanitization and filtration systems.

Product Specifications

Standard Dimensions
(W x L x H):

6'5" x 6'5" x 36"

Water Capacity:

270 gallons



Dry Weight:

550 lbs.



Max Filled Weight:

2805 lbs.

Jets :


Electrical Requirements:



(1 or 2) 56 frame

Optional Items:

Microsilk®, Starlight LED Lighting, Audio System, Ozone - Std.

Cabinet Options


About Marquis Spas

Founded in 1980, Marquis Spas offers creative and innovative hot tuMQ_gallery_626_file1_Show_BGb designs. Designed with cutting-edge features they provide the ultimate soaking experience, cost less to operate, and require minimal maintenance. Each Marquis Spa is ergonomically designed to offer users supreme comfort and long-lasting enjoyment.

Marquis Spas is headquartered in Independence, Oregon and is an employee-owned company. They are a preferred provider for the Make-A-Wish® foundation and have provided hundreds of hot tubs and swim spas to help children with life-threatening medical conditions across North America and England.

What Sets Marquis Apart?


The Vector-Optimized Laminar Therapy™ (V-O-L-T™) system is a powerful performance feature of the Vector21 Series. Optimizing water delivery from pump to jets achieves laminar flow, with no crosscurrents, eddies or swirls of water perpendicular to the direction of flow. The end result is a feeling of deeper muscle-tissue penetration without causing skin discomfort.


Using MicroSilk is like giving your entire body an oxygen facial. Optional on all Vector21 hot tubs but the two-pump V77L, MicroSilk helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and may relieve symptoms of certain skin conditions. Billions of oxygen microbubbles penetrate deeply into skin pores and hair follicles to remove impurities and promote blood circulation and hydration, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated.

STARLIGHT™ Lighting System

Optional Starlight LED multicolor accent lighting will take you to the stars and beyond! Multiple points of LED light encircle the interior below the water line and highlight the exterior in all directions. Starlight gives you the ability to set your favorite color ambiance or cycle through various colors and transitions for relaxation and nighttime entertainment.


Designed and built by Marquis with the same exacting craftsmanship and durable materials, optional Environments modules perfectly complement your Signature hot tub and offer easier access and outdoor seating and dining. Choose from a collection of steps, benches, cabinets, shelves, stools, towel bars and planters to surround your hot tub and add a higher level of sophistication.

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