All-In-110V Stella

A Heavenly Plug-N-Play!


Benefits of the All-In-110V Stella


Room For 3!

Dual bucket seats plus lounger for up to 3 people!


Nordic Star™ Jets

13 adjustable Nordic Star™ jets, including whirlpool jet.


Standard Features

Nordic Clean™ sanitization system and Nordic Wrap™ Insulation installed.


Lighting Option

Optional Northern Lights™ Package.

Product Specifications

Standard Dimensions
(W x L x H):

7' x 5'2" x 34"

Water Capacity:

240 gallons



Dry Weight:

416 lbs.



Max Filled Weight:

2418 lbs



Electrical Requirements:



(1) 48 frame

Optional Items:

Northern Lights Package

About Nordic Hot Tubs

Since 1995, Nordic has manufactured high quality, therapeutic Nordic_Building_4355_LThot tubs. Nordic Hot Tubs have a balance of outstanding hydrotherapy and exceptional value and are found in homes across the United States, Canada and around the world! When you purchase a Nordic Hot Tub, you are purchasing their passion for true whirlpool therapy, commitment to quality, value and performance.

What Sets Nordic Apart?

Dual Therapy System (DTS™)

DTS™ (Dual Therapy Systems) is in every tub model and series Nordic manufactures. DTS is a mix of Direct Pressure Massage and High-Volume Whirlpool Therapy which is a gentler, whole body therapy. Nordic Star™ jets are fully adjustable for direction and water volume control providing you with precision jet therapy.

Whirlpool Therapy is achieved with high volume circular flow over muscle regions with indirect pressure. This increases blood circulation, loosening tense tightened muscles and encouraging relaxation which will directly increase healing from within your muscles and joints.

PermaShell™ & PermaWood™ Skirting

Nordic’s PermaShell is made from HDPE (high density polyethylene). HDPE is stronger than acrylic and pigments are deeply embedded in the shell material for a rich hue of color that lends depth and dimension to your water. With a textured, non-skid lavant finish, PermaShells are easy to maintain while giving you strength and true beauty to last. Nordic’s PermaShells are warrantied for the lifetime of your hot tub.

PermaWood Cabinet Colors are designed to complement the PermaShell colors and enhance your tub in any setting. Designed to withstand the elements, PermaWood adds beauty and protection to your hot tub and are warrantied for 10 years.

Standard Luxe Features of the All-In-110V Series

Nordic CLEAN™ is an electronic advanced plasma gap ozonator. It converts oxygen to ozone, is more energy efficient than singular UV ozone generators and is lower in overall power consumption, heat generation and operating cost.  

Nordic Wrap™ insulation adds another layer of protection in addition to foam insulation installed on every Nordic Hot Tub. This will help protect your hot tub from more extreme low ambient temperatures found in Northern climates.

Additional Options

The Northern Lights Package™ (NLP),an LED lighting package with waterfall feature, can be added to the All-In-110V Series tubs at an additional charge.

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